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iGlass Secondary Glass Units (SGU)

These units are inserts that fit into existing window frames of most residential homes, offices, and industrial/commercial buildings.

This retrofitted technology transforms “static” windows into smart, dynamic windows. A product like our SGU does not exist on the market today.  There are companies that sell “passive” secondary window inserts, which help with energy efficiency and noise suppression.

However, such passive inserts dynamic tinting functionality. Through multiple interviews with installers and customers we see a strong market pull for such functionality, and we are racing against the competition to develop this as a marketable product.

iGlass Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

These units can be retrofitted as replacements to existing windows, or can be installed as new construction primary windows that possess iGlass’ smart-window functionality.

IGU is the target volume market for the products based on our technology. In these products the dynamic tint functionality will be integrated into the full window assemblies.

Ultimately, the goal for iGlass is to sell such windows on mass scale, addressing both commercial and residential markets.

iGlass Flexible Glazing Units (FGU) Based on Film

These units offer a flexible thin layer (electrochromic film), which can be installed as either retrofit or as a new construction installation.

Film-based dynamic tinting functionality is an exciting variation of our technology line. Imagine a tinted film that is applied to an existing office, residential or automotive window, but now the level of tint can be dynamically adjusted.

Such adjustment may be manual or automatic, based on the lighting conditions and customers’ preferences. iGlass has developed multiple prototypes of film-based products and will work on commercialization of them as technology matures.

iGlass has established it operational base in Southern California and plans to launch its first product line in Q4 2020, its second product line in 2022, and its flexible products in 2023.

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